gw birthday bash - WIN A NEW APPLE IPAD!

Mobile 1UP is giving all its iPhone / iPod Touch users a special treat to celebrate the one year birthday of the remakes of the game & watch series of games released on the application store.

Over a six week period each game in the series will be available as a free download. By simply visiting this website on a weekly basis you can own the whole collection. As a special bonus - we will give one lucky user (random selection) a brand new Apple iPad! (16Gb WIFI)

Andrzej Raczynski

No purchase is necessary - to enter a valid UDID and email address must be provided and a high score must be submitted to Mobile1UP. Worldwide applicants permitted - only one entry per device will be considered for the random draw. Mobile 1UP will cover the costs of the device, any applicable sales taxes and shipping costs to the winner - however customs charges will be the responsibility of the winner on arrival (if applicable). Mobile 1UP will use the contact information provided for informing contestents of the competition results only. The winner will be selected and contacted on 15 May 2010 23:59 CET. If Mobile 1UP is not able to establish contact with the winner within seven (7) days, another winner will be chosen!

Spread the word about this very unique offer - over the six week period we want to see the games rise up the free application charts all over the world and receive at least one hundred thousand downloads! We will post the daily download statistics and update our target thermometer.


If we are reach the one hundred thousand downloads mark - Mobile 1UP will donate an additional $1,000 USD to a charity of your choice! If you have charity in mind - send us a message and we'll choose the most popular charity mentioned!

The games will be 100% free - no nags, no advertising! Grab a copy now!


GW Lab

29-Mar through 04-Apr
(no longer free - buy it!)

11,230 downloads during period

GW Monkey

05-Apr through 11-Apr
(no longer free - buy it!)

5,753 downloads during period

GW Escape

12-Apr through 18-Apr
(no longer free - buy it!)

4,813 downloads during period

GW JetPack

19-Apr through 25-Apr
(no longer free - buy it!)

7,912 downloads during period

GW Monster

26-Apr through 02-May
(no longer free - buy it!)

10,459 downloads during period

GW Retreat

03-May through 09-May
(no longer free - buy it!)

3,314 downloads during period

Mobile 1UP is running this campaign to give back to the community and raise awareness of its games within the iPhone / iPod touch market. It also co-incides with a major update to the games including support for a more retro feel and boasting your scores on facebook.

If having six different icons on your launcher screen takes up too much space - you can also purchase the gw-series package that bundles them all into a single application! It is an excellent way to help support us and allow us to develop new and exciting games for the platform!

GW Series
available now for $4.99 USD

Thank you for making the iPhone / iPod Touch platform an excellent place for indie developers! Happy Birthday to the GW Series!

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