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HOT NEWS Mobile1UP has released Caveman!

afer almost a year of being dead-in-the-water; we recently put a bunch of effort in place to turn this into a real title after the talks with SCEE ended up going no-where. we teamed up with an excellent artist guy and audio/sound effects dude to refresh the Lemmings concept with a 2011 update - in a pre-historic setting!

in-game screenies - completely new but totally familiar?

It already is starting to get a lot of rave-reviews from users - but we are not yet finished! Loads more levels to be added to the game and of course a bunch of improvements to make Caveman the game year for 2011 (a modest goal - we know)!

03-Jul 16:00 >> Thank you for all the support!

we have received a lot of attention and support from many users and websites over the world around bringing Lemmings into the radar for iPhone and Palm Pre - even with the cease & desist, it has not put a damper on our enthusiasm for this title.

in the event we have no success talking with SCEE (Sony Entertainment) we will rework all the artwork, audio, music and levels to create a brand new title based on the engine - which we wrote from scratch without on our own based on observation in 2001.

we did start an independent version a while ago got side tracked with other tasks.

level 1 - new artwork redesign (late 2009)

using the same engine - but it would require a lot more effort to convert 120 levels.

29-Jun 22:00 >> SCEE - Sony Entertainment Cease & Desist

as much as we would love to have this title reach everyone, we have unfortunately been contacted and instructed by Sony's intellectual property and legal department to remove our Lemmings conversion from our websites and distribution channels.

while are did this as a tribute to the game - we can only hope that Sony actually does a conversion for platforms like iPhone and Palm Pre in the near future. we will open communication with Sony to explore the rights for these platforms!

stay tuned!

27-Jun 21:30 >> YOU TUBE VIDEO POSTED!

while many of you anxiously wait for this - here is a video of it in action on an iphone.

thanks for Joel Evans over at the mobile gadgeteer blog on zdnet for making this video!

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