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2012-08-31 Caveman HD - Lemmings on iPad/iPhone

Or from wrote up a review on Caveman / Caveman HD (hebrew)

rating: 4.5 out of 5 apples

A few weeks ago I came across this game and I knew it was nice and put it in our wishlist to review later. After purchasing my iPad, I decided to revisit the game and I discovered a wonderful secret world. I do not really understand how such a gem could be hidden in the app store - the Lemmings we all loved but with a new name, characters, sounds and music for legal reasons.

The review even mentions some secret easter eggs in the game - they are not available in the Lite versions however; but if you are up for some nostalgia occassionally Mobile 1UP will post warp codes to unlock these features (changes daily).

Keep and eye out for more!

2012-08-30 Caveman Review

Angela from wrote up a review on Caveman - giving it a rating.

While there are no green-haired Lemmings to blow up, Cavemen is as close as gamers will get to playing their favorite childhood game on iOS.

In 2010, Mobile 1UP ported its Palm OS version of Lemmings to the iOS and webOS devices (live blog link) - where long discussions with SCEE ended up with a generalized statement of "we do not license our IP outside of our own platforms".

Nuff said - enjoy the game!

2012-08-18 Análise/Sorteio: Caveman Entrevista a Aaron Ardiri

Miguel from a portugese site, wrote up a review on Caveman / Caveman HD for iOS and also posted a bunch of questions which we happily answered (interview).

Mobile 1UP is always willing to talk with review websites and help other developers build a cross-platform strategy for their applications. As a developer you need to develop with cross-platform in mind so it is possible to quickly port the applications and not become dependent on a single device manufacturer/operating system.

Mobile 1UP also gave some promo codes for a giveaway at

2012-08-14 Caveman HD (Version 1.0)

Paul from wrote up a review on Caveman HD - a good analysis and read!

The game has been written from the ground up but still manages to recreate all that was good about Lemmings while bringing a few new ideas of its own to the platform. While it doesn’t deviate too much from the formula set by the original game, Caveman HD now feels like more than just a clone and is well worth a gander.

2012-08-03 Ugens Mobilspil - Uge 31 Mobile Weekly: Sci-Fi Edition

Lee from listed Caveman in their most-played games article of the week.

Lee highlights (translated):

The game is as you remember it, and the control can be adjusted almost exactly as you please, making this the best version of Lemmings for handheld devices, even though it is not Lemmings ... Nostalgia Flip yeehaaa!!

We couldn't agree more with him on his assessment!

2012-07-11 Caveman HD comes to the BlackBerry Playbook

Mobile 1UP met up with James Richardson from at the #bb10jam in London where he took a preview of Caveman HD for the BlackBerry Playbook and upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices - we promised to get him a copy prior to launching on App World™.

James highlights:

The game is a modern take on the early 1990's game Lemmings that I am sure many of you are familiar with. Caveman HD is much the same but with a modern vibe to it and clearly the graphics are slightly better than the original game.

While we agree the graphics are much better than the original - we do miss the classic look!

2012-07-10 Caveman HD - Lemmings Remake Für das PlayBook Mobile 1UP bringt Caveman HD auf das PlayBook Conoce Caveman HD, juego para la PlayBook Giochi Playbook – Caveman HD Caveman HD (Lemmings) Comes to the PlayBook Caveman HD for BlackBerry PlayBook

In a matter of minutes after posting that Caveman HD was available on App World™ via twitter, the first new items started to emmerge announcing the availability of the title.

Willy at also stated:

Auf der BlackBerry 10 Jam hat Aaron auch ein kleines Easteregg vorgestellt, welches es erlaubt, Caveman im klassischen Lemmingsstyle zu spielen.

Willy was also attending the #bb10jam in Berlin (hence, the German) where a "sneak peak" of the classic easter egg was exposed to everyone on stage - every time I demonstrate it at the #bb10jam sessions it gets a welcomed reception!

Gennaro at also stated:

Un gioco in chiave moderna, si inspira al classico game degli anni 90 dal nome Lemmings conosciutissimo sulle consolle di vecchie generazioni. Caveman HD ha più o meno la stessa impostazione di gioco, l’ atmosfera è la grafica sono leggermente migliori rispetto al gioco originale.

The underlying engine of Caveman HD is capable of running the original Lemmings game - that is what we built by hand over 10 years ago for the Palm OS platform, the game engine is the same, but the levels, artwork and audio (updated to 2011+) are all completely new!

2012-06-16 iOS/webOS game Caveman coming soon to BB10

While at #bb10jam in London I met up with James from

I just had to show him Caveman HD running on the BlackBerry Playbook and the dev alpha devices that were being handed out to select developers at the event - so, he decided to make a video and post about it. Take a moment to watch the video and check it out!

We will definitely keep them updated on when it is available on AppWorld™.

YES! - we will be shipping version 1.0 on the BlackBerry devices! At the same time, we will be posting updated versions for iOS and webOS (finally). It has been a crazy year with the "day job" - but we will finish this game and get updates out to all our users soon!

2012-06-07 Case Study - Mobile1UP ports to BB10 Dev Details How They Ported to BlackBerry 10 Case Study: Mobile 1UP porting to BlackBerry 10

The first task as a Senior Technical Evangelist for Research In Motion was to put myself in the position of ever independent developer out there and do the conversion of my own games to the BlackBerry 10 platform.

The net result; within a week we had a game ported and published to the AppWorld™ catalog - which surely should send the right message to all developers out there; porting is simple and publishing can be done in a few days! the BlackBerry 10 platform surely needs to be considered if you are doing any mobile applications.

John over at had to say:

Aaron Ardiri, Senior Technical Evangelist at Research In Motion just published a superb atricle over on the BlackBerry Developer Blog. He describes what most developers will do when beginning to work with BlackBerry 10.

2012-06-01 Cronk Game comes to the BlackBery Playbook Cronk v1.3.3 for playbook games Cronk v1.3.3 for playbook games Cronk v1.3.3

Our first title for the BlackBerry Playbook got some news mentions!

We look forward to releasing more games on the BlackBerry Playbook and start drumming up the buzz for our classic "Caveman HD" - we have a version working internally (on PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 dev alpha). We are in the final stages of tweaking levels (ensure all playable) before releasing it.

Caveman / Caveman HD version 1.0 (yay) launch will be for all platforms simultaneously!

mobiletechreview iPhone Game Review: Caveman

The team over at MobileTechReview put together a review of Caveman for iOS devices giving it high ratings in all aspects (awesome). Their conclusion:

".. Mobile1Up has taken the classic Lemmings and released a reskin of it for the fans of Lemmings, if you loved playing Lemmings on your PC back in the day, or simply wanna try it out, grab this now before the price goes up! ..

We are finalizing the last set of levels and adding some great new features based on all the feedback over the last few months - keep a look out for the next update!

2011-05-31 Developer Spotlight: Aaron Ardiri

Rich Dunbar over at webosroundup published a developer spotlight interview we responded to recently - focusing on our efforts on the HP webOS platform and our opinions on mobile development in general moving forward.

2011-05-23 Caveman: Prehistoric Lemmings

The team at the (french) wrote up a pretty good summary of Caveman.

".. Certes, le moteur est le même, les outils sont identiques et les niveaux se ressemblent furieusement, mais, nom d'un chien, c'est (presque) Lemmings ! ..

We noticed a spike in sales in France; so we had to track down the source - Fabian from the review team also sent us a quick note (tip: for reviewers to get mentioned here) about the review and to keep them informed about future updates!

2011-05-15 Caveman is Coming for GNU/Linux

Maxim Bardin over on Linux gaming news took the initiative to recognise that we plan to release desktop versions of Caveman (Windows, Mac OSX and Linux) in the near future - which is definitely not wrong! We want to finalize the 1.0 version before releasing the desktop versions due to distribution/update collateral :)

".. i hope it wouldn't take much time to port .."

Caveman is built on top of our cross-platform development framework - all we need to do is export the source code from our source code management solution and type "make" to build both 32-bit and 64-bit versions - this takes literally seconds!

2011-04-26 Creator of Unofficial Port Releases Remarkably Similar 'Caveman'

Eli Hodapp over at TouchArcade (awesome news site on gaming) - posted a short blurb about Caveman; they previously ran the live blogging efforts back in July 2010; they did have an interesting idea that we should have used lawyers instead of cavemen - good idea!

".. it's great to see the whole Lemmings port project reaching a conclusion. .."

2011-04-13 a copy of Lemmings in the image of cavemen. Caveman: Lemmings spinoff lands on appstore. If it walks like .. talks like .. it must be a Caveman! Halted Lemmings port returns as Caveman. Caveman Review Caveman_HD Review Move over Angry Birds, here comes Caveman Caveman HD iPad reviews of the week. Caveman, clone di Lemmings per iPhone e iPad Caveman är Lemmings in skinkläder Caveman – Lemingi z epoki kamienia łupanego Caveman : le retour de Lemmings Mobile 1UP Launches Lemmings Clone Caveman

Caveman is also receiving 5-star reviews all over the App Store (iOS) and App Catalog (webOS) - we found the following review very insightful and felt we must make it available here; it also sums up our experiences with the development of the game and its motivation.

ROCKS! (Caveman HD)
This is a wonderful reincarnation of a 90's classic. The graphics and sound are, as expected, a bazillion times better than the original, but the addictive original gameplay is still there. The detail in the levels is immersive, if you find time to look around - some of those later levels mean no time for tourism! :-) Money well spent, and anyone who loved the original will be captivated by Caveman HD.

We look forward to hearing more comments from users - check it out now!

2010-07-02 Creator of Lemmings Port Speaks

We were happy to answer Peter Parrish's questions from Inc Gamers.

There has been a lot of interest with the Lemmings porting effort since we started however even with SCEE (Sony Entertainmnt) Cease & Desist letter it has not dampened our spirits around the game - and we will start discussions around obtaining the official license for the title, especially since the game is already working on the iPhone and Palm Pre - one would expect a few minor improvements (which, we were planning anyhow).

Lets hope that SCEE (Sony Entertainment) is willing to license the Lemmings franchise outside of their own platforms - namely the Playstation Portable and the Playstation 3.

2010-07-01 Lemmings 'live development' gets pushed of cliff Lemmings for iPhone blocked by Sony Lemmings port thrown of cliff by Cease & Desist Lemmings port met with Cease & Desist 36 Hour Lemmings Port gets Sony Cease & Desist Lemmings port slapped with Cease & Desist letter Unofficial Lemmings for iPhone gets Cease & Desist
... many more (many sites are reporting on the same story)

We got slashdotted (again)!

It seems there is very strong support to petition SCEE (Sony Entertainment) into bringing the Lemmings classic to the iPhone and Palm Pre devices - hopefully removing the gridlock of the license being restricted to Sony only devices. We are preparing an official request on seeking permission to release our implementation, or in the event SCEE is willing to actually officially bring the title to these platforms - working with them.

We hope to get a positive response from SCEE moving forward, as we have a working prototype of the game functional and more importantly since there is a huge positive response from the community for its release.

2010-06-29 Lemmings ported to multiple platforms in 36 hours Porting Lemmings in 36 hours Developer ports Lemmings to 4 platforms in 36 hours Developer ports Lemmings to 4 platforms in 36 hours
... many more (many sites are reporting on the same story)

We got slashdotted!

It seems the news of porting Lemmings to many platforms in just 36 hours was a hot topic - the increased network traffic filled up the available bandwidth of our hosting server. At the same time, we also got into the radar of SCEE (Sony Entertainment) who has unfortunately issued a cease&desist on the distribution of our conversion.

It is amazing what you can achieve with the right design and tool sets!

2010-06-26 Developer live-blogs porting Lemmings The Lemmings are coming! Watch Lemmings get ported Lemmings coming soon to app store for free Lemmings piling aimlessly towards iPhone Lemmings coming to iPhone as free game If you are 30+ - check this, Lemmings iPhone game - Lemmings, coming free!
... many more (many sites are reporting on the same story)

The response around out "live-blog" with the porting of our old Lemmings code base (Palm OS) to new mobile platforms has been amazing! What started out for fun, got seriously hard to pull away from! We enjoyed doing this for our readers and we hope it was an informative and inspiration to other developers. Be sure to give it a read over at the blog:

Lemmings : Developer Blog

2010-05-20 GW Series Review

Anothony Honciano over at has written an in-depth review of game and watch games within the GW Series package for web os. He covers the basic elements of each game and identifies the key focus on how the games reflect the classic retro genre and not be overwealmed with fancy 3D graphics.

".. the attention to detail and art direction offers a pleasant experience .. "

2010-05-19 Cronk Review

Dan over at has written an in-depth review of Cronk for web os - giving an excellent overview of the core basics of the game and highlights the pro's and con's. Overall a very good review of the game and more importantly even a caveman could play it.

".. it’s a great addition to Palm’s App Catalog and a sign of great things to come .."

RESOURCES: video review (mp4)

2010-05-05 Cronk comes to Palm webOS

Matthew Miller, who we remember from his time at just wrote up an article about Cronk being migrated to the Palm webOS using the PDK - quickly pointing out the fact it was originally an iPhone game!

RESOURCES: video review (mp4)

Check out the great comparison video and the how-to-play instructions he has provided.

2010-05-04 Interview: Mobile1Up

Kim over at Palm News Daily asked a few questions around developing for webOS using the PDK provided by Palm - of course we were happy to provide answers to his questions, the platform will soon see a big influx of applications released in the near future!

2010-05-02 First indie PDK Apps land in the App Catalog

Deiter Bohn over at Pre Central was kinda enough to highlight that the Mobile 1UP catalog submitted to the web os application catalog was the first "indie" contribution using the PDK which is currently in early access form from Palm. Mobile 1UP has been working closely with Palm to make these titles available - enjoy!

2010-04-22 Today is "Game and Watch Day!" - GW Series

"This is as retro as its ever going to get."

Scott Dooley over at AppVader wrote up a quick retro review of the Game & Watch series we have produced - and give us a 4.5 out of 5 review. He identifies the unique genre and "retro" feel of the games; they are either something you'll love because of your childhood and nostalgic fix or hate because they do not meet your expectations.

2010-04-20 Win an iPad! Four contests worth entering

Rick Broida, contributor to the "cheapskateblog" on has identified four key contests for getting your chance to win a new iPad if you are a bit short of cash and want to take your chances with lady luck! We remember Rick from his founding days at the Handheld Computing magazine almost 10 years ago - good to see he is still running news articles!

2010-03-31 Mobile 1UP Offers Weekly Free Games and A Chance to Win an iPad

We sent out news of our gw-birthday celebration to many news sites - and we are proud to say that were able to see the value to the end-user and opportunity to make this worthy news - speacial greets to Brett Nolan! You just earnt a special mention for covering the story.

2009-11-13 Review: Chain reaction variant Abiosis for iPhone

Joel Evans over at writes up a great review of our latest game; abiosis : chains. It's great they mention the spray-paint art - it definitely adds a bit of uniqueness to the game, not to mention the 10% penalty for not completing a level.

2009-09-14 Apple rejecting apps based on non-relevant keywords
Slash Gear: Apple rejected game over keyword disagreement?
Mac Plus (french): Rejeté pour un mot-clef

Developers voices are heard - with the continual lists of complaints about the application store and its review process; the unique situation experiences by Mobile 1UP is echoed to other developers. It seems that Mobile 1UP is not alone with this problem.

2009-07-29 Developer Feature

Joel Evans over at ran a feature on Mobile 1UP - covering the whole Nintendo saga we went through and recovered from. He also asks a few questions about our development processes, our decision around the new release of GW Series and our future plans.

The Free App Store Review: Effektz

Eric over at the Free App Store Review website provides us some coverage on Effektz - old school demo scene. Could this be the start of the demo scene on iPhone? only time will tell - Mobile 1UP has been involved in demo contests in the past.

iPhone Bloggen: Excitera Mobile Cup (swedish)

Press coverage of our presentation at the Excitera Mobile Cup - providing a basic summary of the information presented. Three presenters; including Mobile 1UP complete with a photo.

The Portable Gamer: iCasual GW Chef

Denis Poon (voiced by Jason) gives a iCasual review of gw chef giving praise to the amazing replication of the software which effectively:

"turns your iPhone into an 80's handheld".

Retro Gamer Magazine: #61 - Mobile 1UP (review + interview)


As an active subscriber to Retro Gamer magazine we were anxiously awaiting this edition to be delivered via the post. Darran Jones; an editor for Retro Gamer contacted us in late January and asked a bunch of questions around iPhone development and the retro gaming market - which we were happy to respond to.

.. click to enlarge image ..

The GW games series were also reviewed - scoring an outstanding 92%, giving us pole position in the review area! It seems we hit the "retro sweet spot" - it is great to see such appreciation for our efforts. High quality scans are available below.

Drop by your local newsagent and pick up a copy or even consider a subscription.

RESOURCES: magazine interview (jpg) | magazine review (jpg)

2009-02-02 - Episode 24: GW Helmet

Ryan over at gives gw helmet the honor of being app of the week (feb 1-7); complete with a video showing how the game is played. He gives a little history intro - but to get the 100% facts on all the Game & Watch series - check out:

RESOURCES: video review (mp4)

Wired Magazine: 10 iPhone Games You Must Own

Editor Chris Kohler has run a piece for Wired Magazine ( highlighting the ten (10) iPhone games that you must own. We are delighted to have gw helmet as one games selected - our favourite quote:

    "... You'd swear somebody took an old Game & Watch and shoved it into your iPhone."

We'll be sure to pick up a copy of the next few editions of Wired to see if it is also in the printed magazine and we'll provide scans for our readers - placement is everything.

Touch of Gaming: The Post-Holidays Daze

Lloyd Hannesson and Rob LeFebre discuss the GW series for the iPhone / iPod Touch in their regular "Touch of Gaming" podcast in collaboration with The podcast is 35:58 long, jump to 5:15 (until 7:30) for the GW series discussion. We have given Touch of Gaming a few promotion codes - be sure to check the next episode.

UPDATE on 2009-01-16
Touch of Gaming is running a contest for their podcast subscribers to win one of sixteen (16) copies of our games (US iTunes users only). The competition runs for a short period - so be sure to check it out in order to be in the running!

Finger Gaming: Game & Watch on iPhone

David over at Finger Gaming posted a quick note about the GW series; in light of the news of GW Helmet being free. Like other reviews; he identifies "accurate adaptation" with graphics and sound effect - and the "attention to detail is impressive".

Gizmodo: Mr. Game & Watch saunters his way over to the iPhone.
Kotaku: Get Game & Watch on your iPhone
GoNintendo: Unauthorized Game & Watch
1UP: IP Violation : GW Helmet
Pocket Gamer: GW Series Des Jeux Game & Watch Sur iPhone!
Computer and Video Games: Game & Watch on iPod Apps Game & Watch på iPhone.
... many more (many sites are reporting on the same story)

With the release of gw-helmet especially as a FREE giveaway the site has become popular; but with it has come a few posts/blogs around the games and intellectual property rights violations, copyrights, et al. While the topic is something due for debate - they provide quite positive reviews of the implementations we have provided.

The Free App Store Review: GW Helmet

Eric over at the Free App Store Review website gives a good review of GW Helmet. He highlights the amazing attention to detail - even down to the sounds; mentioning that it is extremely faithful to the original.

AppVee: Game and Watch

We sent a number of promotional codes for the gw- series to the reviewers at AppVee ( and they have written up a very professional review on the games. It's hard to find flaws; but we always love feedback and they provide a few great ideas in their review. The final review rating given to the games is 3.8 (almost 4-star across control, graphics, audio, replayability and fun).

RESOURCES: video review (mp4)

GW Chef, GW Fire, GW Parachute and GW Octopus have since been updated since this review to user selectable controls and other features based on user feedback and of course this review.

2008-12-08 GW Parachute

The guys over at TouchZapp give a quick pros/cons analysis of GW Parachute; focusing on the great things - authentic recreation and fantastic developer for paying attention to detail.

Metro Teknik

Aron Andersson interviews the man behind the Game & Watch series that is now available on the iPhone/iPod touch. The article was printed in the weekly technology newspaper and features on their television segment - which aired at 1900 on TV8 in Sweden.

RESOURCES: newspaper (jpg) | article translation (txt) | video interview (mp4)

iPhone - iPod Touch Lab: GW Octopus

Nakimo gives an in depth review of GW Octopus in Japanese; coverying the history of the original game and how the game is played. A video demonstration is also provided showing the game in action. He concludes the review giving it a 4-star rating - stating the touch reaction is not as responsive as he would like it to be.

RESOURCES: video review (mp4)

GW Octopus has since been updated since this review to include original sound effects, improve touch feedback/processing and the ability to post highscores to the website - based on user feedback.

iPhone - iPod Touch Lab: GW Chef

Nakimo gives an in depth review of GW Chef in Japanese; coverying the history of the original game and how the game is played. A video demonstration is also provided showing the game in action. He concludes the review giving it a 5-star rating - however raises questions copyright/trademark issues.

RESOURCES: video review (mp4)

GW Chef has since been updated since this review to include original sound effects, improve touch feedback/processing and the ability to post highscores to the website - based on user feedback.

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